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Axis Designs makes shipping and receiving Micro Market Fixtures easy.

Nano Market? Micro Market? Breakroom Healthy Vending?

Save time and money ordering Micro Market fixtures from us for your healthy vending operation. Whatever you call your operation, it is your livelihood. We started producing break room vending machine enclosures in 1979. We are an innovator in the evolution of the Micro Market 24/7 Self-Pay vending alternative. Our Free Standing Micro Market fixtures come fully assembled. Set the fixtures in place, set up your shelves and fill them with product, and start your break room market operation. Operators using our Free Standing Micro Market fixtures are able to be open for business within a day!

In addition, our In-Line Micro Market fixtures are full height 96″ tall, have headers with your custom artwork, and have a permanent built in look. Born out of the vending machine enclosure era, these sturdy fixtures fully enclose your nano Micro Market snack racks and refrigerated food equipment consequently creating a spectacle of your Micro Market operation. Customize healthy vending layouts with the help of our knowledgeable staff by calling us today. Discuss which Micro Market fixtures will best fit your needs. Most Micro Markets have custom cabinet layouts so email or call us to determine the best nano Micro Market fixture solution. Just ask and our in-house art department will produce mock ups for you to show your clients furthermore helping you seal the deal and extending that contract. Call us today!

Micro Market Fixtures are easy to order and easy to install!

Merchandiser Display Series for
Micro Markets & Break Rooms

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Merchandiser Display Series
for Micro Markets & Break Rooms