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In-Line Free Standing Undercounter Merchandiser Base


The IFSUMB, in-line free standing undercounter merchandiser base, a 78″ tall fixture, provides a 1 on 1 personal experience with your client. Therefore, immerse your clients into the exciting concept of a Micro Market as they walk past your progressive presentation of healthy snacks and other for-sale merchandise. What better way to spice up your Merchandiser than to incorporate an integrated built-in LED product display light kit that will have your products looking irresistible! This light is kept hidden and all plugs and cables are positioned to be out of your clients line of sight. This product includes a FREE hardware package with accessories such as hooks and baskets. As a result, this will have your clients feeling like they are shopping at a grocery store. In conclusion, one of the added benefits of purchasing a Micro Market Fixture from us is the opportunity to select a color that fits your clients needs. So Select a color that stands out and adds value to the surrounding space!

Dimensions 36 × 78 cm