In-Line Merchandiser


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The IM 96″ tall Micro Market Merchandiser comes standard with a 16″ header. Customize your header with an acrylic sign to help bring your Micro-Market to life. The full height slatwall provides a large amount of space for displaying products while it’s plywood frame ensures sturdy core construction. Slats are finished in the color chosen for the fixture. The 12″ storage box with removable top is an excellent feature for storing necessary tools of operation. An LED display light is a defining feature of the IFS, V-IFS, and IL series. The LED light provides sufficient light to accentuate products. Product hooks and wire baskets for merchandising are included in the base price. Hardware Package B is a mixture of hooks, baskets, and shelves. Package C has hooks and all shelves.┬áThe IM, In-Line Merchandiser, a 96″ tall fixture, comes equipped with a full-height slatwall back panel system that features hooks and baskets to present for-sale products to clients.

Dimensions 24 × 96 cm